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Reporting system

of paid orders of cuts built to individual sizes

To order a real pattern you need to buy "units". You need to register with a valid e-mail address where you will get the patterns. One "unit" represents one set of patterns per model for one size. ,

 Save the enamel and pin-code on this computer


Step 1

 Register for an email and get a pin code

Enter email  

Step 2

Step 3

Order real-size patterns from the catalog using the pin code

When ordering without a pin code, a free construction will be built for the sizes entered

Welcome to the ordering catalog

Step 4

Stats for your orders


 Stats for your orders (By e-mail)

To get the statistics, enter your email.
Enter email  

By correctly writing the e-mail and the code you will get a list of your orders, which contains how many "units" you have, How much you spent, what date, e-mail, model number, name of the submitted file, Basic dimensions:

19 1 2013-09-13 5307 mail\00645870.lek 159_90_73_99


 Resend the order file

(For orders they see in the statistics, but you have not received a phonel mail, the files are kept for about a month)
Enter the email to which the order was sent
Enter an email to resubmit your order
If you need to send the same email, leave the box blank
e-mail 2
Enter an order number (File number of the statistics, for example, 530755, DO NOT have to enter a model number)


Home How may we buy patterns Registration