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Patterns are not a ready-made garment, not a picture that are self-sufficient, but some mandatory intermediate stage when sewing. The more precise the patterns, the less effort is required to fit and plant the product, the more time can be spent on other required steps: technology, finishing, planting and the higher the final quality of the product. Fitting the product to the shape is required in any case, you can do it in the finished cut, but it's faster and easier to take into account the features of the figure at the stage of creating patterns. Therefore, it is better if the pattern is individual.
In order to check how the system works, you can order a free pattern. Enter your size and email address on the page Free Patterns
Checking on the goods as the work of the systemat, you can send the payment model. Pay the model and can be paid directly when you are on the editorial board or send a user account. It is recorded in the "unit". One "unit" is a set from the model for a single model from a single size. Buy a "unit" can be from one unit, Ploshchane on sumata, calculated (2.50 pound). You can buy a pre-paid card with a password or password, for yes, buy on e-mail. You can pay with electronic wagers from your mobile phone, via SMS or through the terminal behind the plash.


To order a pattern, you can use a simplified or extended mode that allows you to enter the characteristics of the shape And select additional file formats. You can prepare in advance a more complete description of the figure in the form of a string-size And use this line when ordering. The dimension line can be prepared in the program print-lk or can be created and ordered on the site.
Forming dimension rows
Download descriptions, programs, catalogs

A few explanations

"How it works ?"
You choose a model and enter your dimensions: height, chest girth, waist and hips. The system accepts your order, reads the model number and dimensions. These dimensions automatically calculate the remaining dimensional characteristics (arm length, back length, etc.) and form a conventional-type figure.
For each model, developed its own design methodology. This method and the resulting dimensions are used to create patterns.

"And how do the products fit your patterns?"
Evaluation of the planting of the product - a thing quite subjective. At the same size, one person likes free things, and the second is tight. With estimates of female models is even more difficult. On the taste and color .. etc.
Planting the product made according to our patterns corresponds to the opinion of the designer who created the methodology for a particular model. This is his personal opinion about the model being created. And in this the designer is like an artist. Perhaps not everyone can agree with the designer's opinion, but to make a technique that everyone will like is impossible.
The patterns of models are sold on a "as-is" basis. Those. The templates are built by the system automatically according to the entered sizes and are not finalized by individual orders.
Our patterns take into account the basic dimensions of the user, and this the patterns created by our system differ from the patterns from the magazines.

"How can I create individual curves in 6 sizes?"
The patterns in the system are not constructed in 6 dimensions, but in construction, like other methods, 10-20 dimensions are used. According to the leading sizes, a conventionally shaped figure (80 sizes) is formed and the construction is carried out taking into account these dimensions. Naturally, in this case, the individual features of the figure (posture, inclination of the shoulders, etc.) are not taken into account in the patterns. Therefore, if the figure differs from the conventionally typical, then in the patterns it will not be taken into account. You can make an order for 5 sizes and characteristics of the figure (there are currently 11 characteristics that affect the description of the figure and are taken into account in the design). In this case, the patterns will be more in line with the figure.
In the future, it is planned to increase the number of input sizes, however, qualified users should carry out measurements. The measurement errors will affect the quality of the planting of the product. Therefore, the removal of dimensional features from digital photography with the reconstruction of a 3D mannequin is used.

"Can you make a brother and crate in your hand?"
Before cutting, you need to adhere to the old tailor's principle: seven times measure - one cut. It is necessary to take into account the increase in the free fit, the properties of the fabric on which the model is oriented. The patterns help you get a product with a good fit, but the method of remote automatic drawing of the patterns can not 100% guarantee an excellent result. After a few orders, you can get an idea of the compliance patterns of the features of your figure.


Initial questions and answers


Agreements provide a service

Punishment and build in the internet

1. The system allows you to get a user's prize from building a model building on a user-entered dimensions, build patterns calculated On the transferred dimensions, send the patterns to the user-specified e-mail address, Patterns received by e-mail user can print on the printer In full size, using the additional program posted on the site for free download.

2. The patterns are constructed according to the dimensions introduced by users with the additions that are embedded in the technique of constructing patterns.

3. The curves are built automatically according to the principle of "as is", based on the knowledge and experience of designers who create techniques for constructing patterns. Within the scope of the service provided, individual customization of the patterns is not performed at the user's request. If this is not provided by the system, Then additional individual sizes and individual features of the user's figure are not taken into account. Since the system does not issue pre-prepared files, but builds patterns on the data entered by the user, it is not guaranteed to construct the patterns when entering arbitrary values ​​of dimensional features. The system is oriented to a reasonable range of dimensions and efforts are being made to expand the number of conventionally typical figures on which a particular model is built. However, this does not guarantee the construction of any size and the user is given the opportunity to check for free the possibility of constructing on a specific size and evaluate the set of patterns prior to purchase.

4. Before purchasing a payment card and using the services of building the patterns The user can test the service on free models. The user is obliged to test the possibility of receiving emails with attached files to his email address and the ability to print the templates to Printer.
Claims about the inability to accept a file or the inability to print received Templates are not accepted.

5. By paying for a pattern or registering a prepaid card, the user confirms his agreement with the described scheme of work.




We do not accept payment on our site and do not sell passwords directly, only through payment systems and online stores. Therefore, we do not have any personal data of users, Especially their payment requisites. We only have a pin-code and an email address attached to it. Therefore, we can not Nothing to say about the user's payments, nor about the delivery of goods (in physical or digital form). Protecting your personal information Is carried out on the side of certified payment systems and online stores.

Programs for printing patterns do not require and do not work with the Internet, do not make updates, collect or transmit any data. If pictures are used when working with dimensional features, these photos are stored only in the file specified by the user. Transfer of these files is possible only by the user and only through additional programs (e-mail, Skype, etc.). When making an order to build patterns according to individual sizes, the user himself transfers only a text string with packed information to the site only about the magnitudes of the dimensional characteristics. The above applies to programs for self-construction.

PDF files are formed in text form, they do not contain any add-ons that allow executing or launching any program code for execution. All information in the file is stored in clear form, accessible for viewing (but not for editing) through any text editor. Files lek2, lek3 contain graphic information in a packed form and do not contain any executable code.

Some program-related flaws (installing, updating, updating the list of models, the need to work directly with files) related to ensuring transparency of performance of functions in the absence of the user program is not a controlled action. Programs are not registered in Vindos in the registry, do not install additional libraries, do not replace system files. Program folder can be copied or mixed on each disk.

You do not have to run any programs or libraries, all necessary features are in the standard version of Vindos.




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